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Choose to Be
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Choose To Be... regardless of who you are or where you are right now - you can choose to "step out of the Box" and become... All God Intends.

We all like to think we have some level of control in our lives and yet I have discovered the only thing we can control has been given to us by God Himself. He has given to each of us the freedom and privilege to choose for ourselves. It is the gift of choice that proves He created us for relationship with Him, our families and others.


God never intended life to be navigated alone. In the fourth chapter of Ecclesiastes, God’s Word tells us that two people together can accomplish more than twice as much as one. When one person falls, the other can reach out and help. The times of success are meant to be a blessing to others as well as to you, the times of grief are when we are to walk alongside another, and the daily routines of life are where relationships are proven.

In all of my life I have found only one thing worth all of my trust and hope, and that is the person of Jesus Christ. Establishing and growing relationship is God’s number one plan for each of us.

Relationship is the heart and purpose of Choose To Be. Discipline, commitment and action are only worthwhile when they are tied to relationship. Learning how to grow in relationship with God will release the hope, excitement, peace and perspective that are certain to see you through anything that crosses your path in life.

Together we are strong as we pursue wholeness in all areas of our lives. We invite you to Choose To Be all God intends.




Open Conversations

We invite you to join us in open conversations about life as it's happening. Life is better shared! Together we will laugh about our experiences and we will walk through the tough times that challenge our faith and test our confidence. You will find each blogger different in personality and communication style, and that’s a good thing! We write to share life and to encourage and support yours. We welcome your comments. LOG IN to the box on your left and join us!







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I Choose This Day

We make choices every moment of every day. Even the choices of other’s can affect our lives for the good, or not so good. God’s Word promises to use all things for good when we choose to follow Him. With God’s Truth applied to our daily living, we can grow in the confidence and clarity needed to face whatever may come.

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Pearl Girls, Rise Up!

I just came back from a CTB women's retreat and was honored to be among some of the most mature, caring, passionate women in their faith...nicknamed "pearl girls!" It was truly a special time filled with the message of choosing to be all God intends for you. And let's not forget the magical merriment we had creating our own pearl jewelry under the gifted guidance of Christine Flanner...and getting delightful culinary tips and meals from Rose Mery from Rose of Bella Rose. I encourage you to get connected with CTB in every way. And as Carolyn nicknamed us all "pearl girls", may you discovery that you too are God's "pearl of great price."Wink